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The 2020 Forum is centred around a packed programme of discussion and analysis. No matter what your specific area of interest, you will find topics that speak to your brand and inform your strategy.
Welcome Speech

Mark Pawsey MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Vaping

Leading by Example: High Standards, Innovation and Safe Vaping

The vaping industry must aspire to the highest standards. Whether that is in manufacturing, the development of innovative products and committing to Challenge 25 and the safety of all users, the UK vaping sector should be a leading force.

Vape Global: Opportunities and Challenges

Brexit is happening: as the UK embarks on forging trade deals across the world, we look at the opportunities and challenges in the global marketplace – from high potential markets to issues such as the call by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to ban electronic nicotine delivery systems

The Green Vape: The Sector’s Role in the Environment

Climate Change is a real, pressing issue that we all should be thinking of. With sustainability at the top of the minds of both the UK public and government, how can the vaping industry play a key role in enhancing the environment?

Drinks Reception 17.30 onwards
Facts Not Fiction: Managing the Message

Misleading media headlines and health-scare stories from America, have had an adverse impact on UK public perception. What can we do to ‘Manage the Message’ and ensure that the media takes a responsible, informed approach to vaping products?

‘Don’t Restrict the Ads, Lift Them’

Advertising restrictions severely limit the industry’s ability to educate consumers about vaping and dispel the misinformation that is being spread. It also limits the opportunity for targeted promotions aimed at smokers. How can the industry ensure that current advertising restrictions are revisited and reviewed post-Brexit to enable a major educational and promotional breakthrough for the sector.

The Vape Economy: Boosting the High Street

Vaping has been one of the economic success stories of the 21st Century. With the UK government looking to boost the high street and pub retail market, how can the vaping industry continue to thrive in the ever changing economic landscape.

Keynote Speech

Sir Kevin Barron, Member of the General Medical Council

Vaping - A Healthcare Solution

The vape industry should be at the forefront of the UK’s healthcare solution, working with Public Health England, Royal College of Physicians, Cancer Research UK and the NHS to promote smoking cessation. Making the switch can be life changing, so how can the sector forge stronger relationships with the healthcare community and ensure vaping is a priority on the public health agenda?