Key Representatives from the Industry


Keynote Speaker:
Dr Christian Jessen

Speakers & Panellists


Ali Mehdizada

Ali is the vaping category expert and leads the Tobacco and E Cigarette team at Nielsen in the UK. Ali provides category expertise on many different Nielsen data and insight solutions to an ever-evolving industry. Ali has come from a sales background with Imperial Tobacco and has over 8 years’ worth of tobacco and vaping industry experience.


Andrej Kuttruf

Andrej founded retail chain Evapo which has grown to 30 vape stores across the UK and Germany with significant plans to expand its retail footprint. The company has also established a joint venture to create e-liquid manufacturing and testing laboratory in Belfast. Evapo has 46 stores in the UK and Germany and is the Google NR. 1 listed distributor in Germany. 


Andrew Green

Andrew joined the BBPA as Policy Manager – Pub Operations in July 2018. His role at BBPA includes responsibility for licensing, landlord/tenant relations, employment and skills, planning and property law, and wider regulation and issues impacting pub operations and retailing. 


Antonin Cohen

Antonin Cohen is the founder and CEO of Harmony, an international wellness company using hemp as a tool to bring real harmony to people’s lives. He spent 12 years building VC-backed tech startups like HotelTonight – developing strong expertise in product, marketing, business development, and operations. He is a longtime specialist on hemp, having created in 2009 the first non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis sciences in France (URCM). Antonin is a Director of Compliance at ACTIVE, the first European trade association for CBD and Terpenes products


Institute for economic affairs

Chris Snowdon

Chris Snowdon is the Head of Lifestyle and Economics at the think-tank the Institute of Economic Affairs. He is a renowned author and freelance journalists, specialising in areas such as drinking, smoking and inequality. Some of his publications include ‘A thought experiment: what if everyone stopped drinking, smoking and overeating?’, and ‘The Art of Suppression: Pleasure, Panic and Prohibition since 1800’. 

Adact Medical

Damien Bove

Damien, Chief Executive and founder of Adact International, spent 18 years working in medical regulation including electric cigarettes. Adact Medical is the largest electronic cigarettes compliance agency in Europe, having notified over 42% of all UK brands, in addition to significant EU and USA Businesses.

Vape Club

Dan Marchant

Owner of Vape Club, the UK’s largest online retailer of vape products, and Vape Base a leading distributor of e-liquid and hardware to the UK and Europe. Dan joined the vaping industry in 2013 and quickly became a passionate advocate for the public health benefits of vaping. He was part of the select committee consulted by the MHRA prior to the implementation of the TPD. He is a founding member of the UKVIA and sits on the board, as well as the Standards and Membership Committees. As an official spokesperson for the association, Dan has appeared on national television, radio and the press.


Doug Mutter

Doug is Manufacturing and Compliance Director at Vaporized, the UK’s largest vape retail chain with 100 plus stores and a major manufacturer of e-liquids. He has 15 years’ experience within FMCG, retail, manufacturing and technology industries having previously worked for blu eCigs, and Co-Founding and Directing Yum.ee Pet Foods. Doug is also a member of the UKVIA and sits on the board. 

Dr and CBD Researcher

Dr Dani Gordon

Dr. Dani Gordon is a Canadian and US double board-certified medical doctor, writer, speaker and published researcher. She is a world leading specialist in cannabis medicine. She is a founding member of the UK Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS), has trained the UK’s first cannabis medicine physicians and helped setup the UK’s first medical cannabis clinics. She was one of the youngest doctors to become American Board Certified in Integrative Medicine (AMIHM) in 2012, now recognised as the newest official US physician sub-speciality (ABOIM). 

Serve Legal

Ed Heaver

In 2006, with his business partner Julian Sargeson, Ed launched Serve Legal, an age restricting service, due to difficulties the faced when a local authority decided one of their sites was serving underage people. They undertake 100,000 test visits a year from national retailers to leisure operators and broadcasters. Ed and Julian created a market which they have led for over 10 years, expanding beyond alcohol testing to gambling, tobacco and other age-related sales.

Tobacco Reporter

Elise Rasmussen

Founder of the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum (GTNF) launched in 2008, Elise is the executive director of the GTNF Trust. The Trust was established in 2019 and embodies the influential Vapor Voice and Tobacco Reporter magazines, as well as the GTNF.  Elise is co-founder and chairwoman of Women In Tobacco, an association for women working for or connected with the tobacco and nicotine industries. She was recently elected as Fourth Warden of the Worshipful Company of Tobacco Pipe Makers and Tobacco Blenders, one of the City of London’s historic livery companies. 

ECigarette Direct

James Dunworth

After co-founding E-Cigarette Direct in 2008, James Dunworth has been involved in the vape industry for over 10 years. He was co-author of the first peer reviewed study into electronic cigarettes, Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) as potential tobacco harm reduction products. 

E-Liquids Brands

John Dunne

John Dunne was appointed as Managing Director of E-Liquid Brands, a manufacturer and distributor of premium UK and US e-liquids whose brands include Ohmbrew, DripWich, Squeezee, Snodrone and Wanderlust. John has a strong background and reputation in the European e-cigarette industry having held senior executive positions in some of Europe’s biggest companies, and advises many leading industry analysts, financial institutions and media organisations looking at the vaping category. 

Scottish Grocers Federation

John Lee

John has over 10 years of experience leading on work with the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament and other key policy leads on SGF’s external communications and media relations work. He currently holds the position as Head of Public Affairs at the Scottish Grocers Federation. 

The Advisory, conciliation and arbitration Service

John Palmer

John Palmer is the senior editor at Acas. He has worked with a wide range of employers, government policy advisers, legal professionals, health professionals and other stakeholders to provide extensive guidance on a wide range of employment advice from Gender Pay reporting and Sexual Harassment to travel disruption and holy days. He has worked for Acas over 14 years which saw developments like the 2007 ban on smoking in enclosed workplaces and the increased uptake in the use of e-cigs and vaping.

The Sunday Times

Jon Ungoed-Thomas

Jon Ungoed-Thomas is the chief reporter of the Sunday Times, covering consumer affairs and investigations. He was in the reporting team which won scoop of the year at the British Press Awards in 2018, for the investigation which led to the resignation of the de facto deputy prime minister Damian Green. Jon has previously worked as a news reporter at the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail.

Global Vaping Standards Association

Maggie Gowan

In 2017, Maggie was instrumental in the launch of the global Vaping Standards Association (GVSA) and currently oversees advocacy, US regulatory affairs, membership, operations and communications efforts. Prior, Maggie spent five years building the AVAIL Vapor brand and communications’ platform which has become the largest wholly-owned retailer in the United States. Maggie has over 25 years of marketing and communications expertise building international brands. She also serves on the board of the Virginia Smoke Free Association.


Mark Pawsey

Mark Pawsey has been the Member of Parliament for Rugby since 2010. In addition to sitting on the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, Mark founded the All-Party Parliamentary Group for E-Cigarettes in 2010 to provide a platform for parliamentarians to learn more about vaping and its potential benefits to the nation’s public health. 

New Nicotine Alliance

Martin Cullip

Martin is a transport company director who uses vaping devices and has seen positives from his staff members quitting or reducing their smoking through vaping. He is an adviser to the Freedom Association’s Freedom to Vape campaign. Martin holds a keen interest in the rapidly-evolving nicotine market and the politics surrounding it, and has taken part in consumer, industry and political events on the subject. 

Credit Suisse

Pieter Vorster

Pieter Vorster is a Director of Credit Suisse in the Global Markets Division based in London. He is a member of the Consumer Staples research team covering Food, HPC and Tobacco and has analysed the Tobacco sector for more than 20 years.

Head of switching, Juul

Sariah Salim Sartoni

Qualified as a Health Psychologist Sairah started her career in smoking cessation, working for both Wiltshire and Bristol Support to Stop Smoking Services. The results of her community clinic, (80% quit rate) lead to her and her colleague receiving a regional public health award. She was a trustee of the NNA from 2016-2018 and now sits as an associate. As well as being the Head of Switching for Juul, Sairah also has her own switching workplace clinic in Bristol which she has run for nearly 4 years.


Robert Sidebottom

Robert is the Managing Director at Eco Vape Ltd, he is additionally a Non-Executive Director for Hemp and CBD Media Ltd the company behind the hugely successful Hemp and CBD Expo and the Hemp and CBD Magazine. Formerly the Managing Director at Adact Medical, Robert has a wealth of experience working in compliance and manufacturing in the vape and CBD markets.   

Mackrell Turner Garrett

Robert Jappie

Robert Jappie is Head of Cannabis Law at Mackrell Turner Gartett. Since the launch of the UK’s first dedicated Cannabis Law department last year, Robert has become a leading and well-respected legal expert within the UK’s fast-growing cannabis industries. He is currently advising a number of established CBD businesses in the UK and Europe. He has also been appointed as European counsel to a number of international CBD and Medicinal Cannabis corporations. He is also heavily involved in shaping the UK’s cannabis regulatory regime. 

Breathe Organics

Sam Watson

Founder and CEO of Breathe International, a company focussed on development and distribution of cannabis products under the brands Dr Watson and Breathe Organics. CoFounder and CEO of Patriot Hemp Corp., a large-scale hemp cultivation and extraction business with 4,000 acres of hemp farmland in the United States of America. Co-founded and chaired by Dr Richard Watso, who has a PhD in agriculture and leads scientific research at the University of Georgia.


Sir Kevin Barron

Sir Kevin has been the Member of Parliament for Rother Valley since 1983. Currently, Kevin is Chair of the All-Party Groups relating to Pharmacy and is Co-chair of the Associate Parliamentary Health Group. Throughout his career Sir Kevin has shown a strong interest in Health and Smoking. In 1993 Sir Kevin masterminded the Private Member Bill which sought to ban the advertising and promotion of tobacco products, and in 1996 he attained the position of Shadow Minister for Public Health. 


CBD Intel - EcigIntelligence

Tim Phillips

Tim Phillips is managing director of ECigIntelligence, the leading source of independent data for the e-cigarette and vaping sector globally, providing unbiased information to numerous leading international companies together with government regulators such as the FDA and the UK government. He is also managing director of a sister publication, CBD-Intel, which is a business intelligence service providing professional, independent market analysis and regulatory tracking for the growing cannabidiol sectors in Europe and Internationally.