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The 2019 Forum is centred around a packed programme of discussion and analysis. No matter what your specific area of interest, you will find topics that speak to your brand and inform your strategy.
What more can the public health sector do to encourage vaping?

The UK’s public health sector is uniquely supportive of the vaping industry but what needs to be done now to disseminate the positive research and stats to smokers and those who still question vaping’s role in helping smokers quit.

Is the UK becoming vape unfriendly?

Following the work of the All Party Parliamentary on Vaping, Mark Pawsey MP will lead a discussion on whether our workplaces and public places are embracing the public health opportunity of vaping and what more can be done to make sure the UK does not stop vapers vaping.

Advertising, marketing and our young people

A frank discussion of whether vaping has a young people problem, whether this represents a threat to the industry and what action the industry itself must take to prevent a cross-over in hostilities from the US vaping sector.

What is the future for vaping regulation?

With some form of Brexit on the horizon, we will examine what realistic regulatory change the vaping industry can achieve and how to work together to achieve this.

How can the retail sector help deliver vaping’s public health potential?

The consumers have access to vaping in more places than ever before. Our panel will consider how supermarkets, specialist shops, convenience stores and online platforms will contribute to vaping.

The Vapreneurs

A discussion of the role of vaping entrepreneurs in driving forward growth in the industry featuring examples of success stories and of the individual stories that create a vapreneur.

The role of CBD in the vaping industry

As one of the fastest growing parts of the vaping industry, panellists will examine how CBD can contribute to and compliment vaping’s public health potential.

Vaping and stop smoking services

Sir Kevin Barron MP will lead an exploration of how the vaping industry can support public stop smoking services spread the public health message about vaping to more smokers; including looking at where existing industry partnerships exist with stop smoking services and how industry funding could play a role in funding struggling services.

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